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WhereIt was created to take the guessing out of dressing.

Whether you are heading to a wedding with a funky dress code, packing for a vacation, or going to a new restaurant, WhereIt is your ultimate resource. Search by dress code to see what other fashionistas wore to a wedding with the same dress code. Search by city to see how locals dress for the weather at your vacation destination. Search by venue to see how people style their outfits at a restaurant you have never been to. Upload photos of your outfits so people all around the country can gain inspiration from them. In the caption, write where you purchased your outfit so others can find it. When you upload a photo, it automatically gets saved in your virtual closet. Your favorite outfits and where you wore them can now be accessed at the press of a button.

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Browse WhereIt for outfit inspiration from people just like you. Join the community where people from around the country come together to seek inspiration when it comes to dressing

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WhereIt is a community dedicated for finding beautiful in ordinary, everyday activities - like getting dressed! Instead of seeing pictures of models in magazines, you can see how everyday people, just like you, dress for their everyday needs. Mix up your style, and see how real people dress for everything from inclement weather in your city to a big presentation at work. WhereIt provides real outfit inspiration, tailored to your life.

About Me

About Me

WhereIt was founded by 19-year-old, Taylor McClure. Taylor is currently studying Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. She came up with the idea for WhereIt shortly after moving to Austin.

I had just moved to Austin, and I found myself scouring the internet to see what the inside of restaurants looked like since I had never tried them before. I didn’t want to be over or under-dressed and look out of place in my new city.

Taylor quickly realized that searching the web was not the most effective or efficient way to figure out how to dress. After talking to several of her friends, Taylor realized that many people had the same problem when getting dressed.

I wished there was a way to take the guessing out of dressing. After thinking about how the process could be easier, I came up with the idea for WhereIt. Personally, I always feel better when I am wearing an outfit I love. It makes me feel confident and ready to tackle any challenge coming my way.

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Taylor has had a love of fashion for her whole life. “My mom always tells me stories about the insane outfits I wore when I was little because I refused to let anyone else dress me”. While her style may have changed since then, her passion has not. Taylor used to have a fashion blog that she started in middle school. Although she does not blog anymore, it introduced her to the idea of gaining outfit inspiration from others. Now, with WhereIt, everyone can serve as an inspiration. WhereIt serves as an inclusive community to help people dress their best and feel their most confident.

When I’m not in class or working on WhereIt, I love to run at Austin’s Town Lake, watch reality TV, and bake (and shop-obviously!).


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